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From Tony Storey


This article was originally published in the December 2007 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society


I begin this latest trawl through the archives with three medieval wills from the west of England -

12 March 1407. I, Margery Brokworth of Bath, make my testament in this manner:

I bequeath my body to be buried in the church of the Hospital of St Mary Magdalene at Holeweye next Bath.

Item, I bequeath to the fabric of the church of St Andrew of Wells, 6d.

Item, to Sir John, my rector, for my tithes forgotten, 6s.8d.

Item, for the holding of my exequies and for interring my body, 40s.

Item, I give 13 gowns to clothe so many poor persons, and 13 pairs of shoes.

Item, to William Sewall, a brass pot and a dish.

Item, to Robert, son of the said William, a bason with ewer.

Item, to Margery, daughter of Nicholas Prest, a tunic furred with ‘calabre’, a hood of scarlett, and half a veil of Cypres.

Item, to Roger, son of Henry Touker, a cover, a pair of sheets and a basin with ewer.

To Agnes, wife of William Sewall, one half a veil of Cypres.

Item, to Agnes Hendeman, a tunic of red, and half a veil of Cypres.

Item, to Joan, my female servant, a tunic of red and a thread veil.

Item, to John, rector of the church of St James, a tablecloth and a table.

All the residue of my goods not above bequeathed I give to my executors, to dispose for the health of my soul as shall seem best to them; and I ordain William Bartelott and Sir John Churcheward my executors, and William Sewell overseer.

In witness whereof I have hereunto affixed my seal in the presence of John Eyton, John Northfolk, John Whyttokesmede and others.

Proved 1 April 1408 and administration granted to the executors named on 7 April following.

(16 Marche. FO. 123.)


Robert Alon of Loxton:

To be buried in the churchyard of Loxton. To my mother church of Welles 4d. To the church of Loxton 6s.8d. To the church of Cariston (Christon) 20d. To the church of Bledon 20d. To every of my god-children 4d. To 3 sons of Richard Hardwyche, my son-in-law, an ewe each. To my brother’s son Christofer Alin 4 hogs. To my son Richard Hurdaker a cow, one steer, a crock, a pan, a doublet of worsted, a bed with all things belonging, and 6 silver spoons, all of one sort. To John Hurdaker 20 wethers, a crock, a pan, a young cow, a doublet of worsted, and a bed with all things belonging. To my daughter Jone Hardwyche a steer. To the parson of Loxton 10s. to pray for me. To Robert Marton a black frieze coat. To the making of the highway betwixt my house and the stroud 10s. To a priest 4 marks for half a year to pray for my soul, and all christian souls. To John Soole a pair of hose cloth. To John Payn a hose cloth. To Mary Crede 3 yards of white cloth. To Johan my wife all my other goods, and I make her sole executrix. I make William Rowsewell, Richard Hurdaker and John Hurdaker supervisors.

Witnesses- Nycolas Wylson, parson of Loxton, Wylliam Rowswell, John Gromm, with others.

Dated 27 January 1545/6. Proved in the cathedral church of Wells 15 February 1545/6.


Diocese of Bath and Wells, in the Consistorial Episcopal Court of Wells

Frances Soule of the parish of Walcot in the City of Bath, widow, Executrix named in the last Will and Testament of Charles Soule, late of the City of Bath in the County aforesaid, Carver and Gilder, who died on the tenth day of October 1813 …. under the value of five hundred pounds. Sworn on the nineteenth day of April 1816.

‘… to my said wife Frances … all of my estate and effects … during the term of her natural life and after her decease to become the Property of my Children.’


The next selection is a complete ‘lucky dip’ but might contain the missing piece of someone’s family history –


Essex Wills

Archdeaconry of Middlesex

18 April 1559 The will of Thomas Soles of Hatfield Kings (Hatfield Broad Oak)

To my son Leonard one cow at May Day in two years. The residue to my wife, Elizabeth.

Executor, my father Christopher Soles.


St James (Poor), Widcombe, Bath, burial:

William Sole, aged 35, of the parish of St James, 27 September 1803


Notes on Various Visitors To and Inhabitants of Bath by Warren Derry

William Sole, 1741-1802, apothecary, I D H B died Trim Street, buried Batheaston, botanist, original member of the Linnaean Society. Published Menthae Britannicae 1798, compiled manuscript Flora of Bath 1782.


Batheaston register, burial:

Mr William Sole from Bath, 13 February 1802


Cambridgeshire Hearth Tax, Evans and Rose

Henry Soule, Chatteris, 1662, 1664, 3 hearths (exempt)

Richard Soale, Streatham, 1662, 1664, 1 hearth (now Richard Anibal)

Michael Soale (owner), Stretham, 1662, 1 hearth (house empty)

William Soale, 1662, 1 hearth

Samuel Soale, Ely, 1662, 1 hearth

John Sole, Harston, 1662, 1664, 2 hearths (exempt)

Lawrence Sowell, Bottisham, 1662,1664, 1 hearth

Andrew Sowel, Bottisham, 1662,1664, 1 hearth


Priory Church of St Mary, Bungay, Suffolk. List of Prioresses:

Ellena Solle, 1451


Little Abington, Cambridgeshire. List of Vicars:

Richard atte Soole, 1402


Pampisford churchyard, Cambridgeshire:

In memory of Mary Ann Soole, born August 20 1827, died February 12 1900

In memory of Ann Soole, born 15 October 1802, died 21 January 1887


Finally, in a complete change of scene, the following item is an index to the Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion. I believe this relates to the American Civil War, 1861-1865 but I have no knowledge of the Record to which it refers and what further details might be gleaned from it. Perhaps someone out there could help –


Surname Forename(s) Volume Page No.
Saul Eli 1 1031
Saul Richard H 6 715
Sewall Samuel 4 172
Sewel Martin V B 6 51
Sewell Elias 2 1027
Sewell James Ambrose 2 693
Sewell Samuel 5 483
Sewell Samuel 5 916
Sewell Sylvester 2 122
Sewell Thomas J 5 916
Sohl Ludwig 4 983
Sohl Ludwig 4 1092
Sole William 6 219
Soles Esue L 1 652
Soles Ferdinand B 1 653
Soles Joseph W S 1 653
Soule Asa J 4 990
Soule Frank 5 1270
Soule Isaac 4 175
Soule Walter A 4 1753
Soules George W 2 1183
Sowell Ira W 4 813
Sowell Thomas B 4 813
Sowles Hiram H 4 179
Sowles Thomas M 3 1446


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