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ANNOUNCEMENTS - December 2009


This article was originally published in the December 2009 edition of Soul Search, the journal of The Sole Society


From Bob Sheldon:



I have just learnt that Cliff Fossey, the last surviving son of Annie Eliza Sole, died on Sunday 1st November in Orlando, Florida at the age of 95.


I wrote about him in my April 2009 report following his visit to my daughter at Christmas time last year, which sadly turned out to be our first and last meeting. He leaves his wife Ginny, daughter Rene and grandson Austen to whom I have sent our condolences.


From Diana Kennedy:




I have just heard that Mike Sewell who joined the Sole Society in 1992 died suddenly in August this year.


Mike had co-ordinated the Lincolnshire area for the Sole Society for a number of years and has made a huge contribution to the Sole Society records. Most of my correspondence with Mike was through email, but on the occasions when we met at the annual gatherings, accompanied by his wife Pat, he was always interesting, knowledgeable and helpful.


My condolences go to Pat and his family.


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