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SOLE Co-ordinator's Report December 2011

by Maureen Storey  




It's been a very quiet few months, with no new members and only a few enquiries.

Jessica Gregson is researching her Letherbarrow family and wrote to ask if we could identify the Mary Ann Soule (b ca 1806) who married Edward Letherbarrow in Banbury on 9 August 1826. We have not found a baptism for Mary Ann but given her link with Banbury and Neithrop in particular it seems likely that she's a daughter of Samuel Sole and Ann Hawtyn. This couple appears to have been Roman Catholic, which has made it difficult to find baptisms for their children, but we know they had at least seven children at Lower Boddington, NTH, between 1805 and 1826. Their son John settled in Neithrop after he married.

Derrick Roussain is a descendant of William Soul and Margarita Wyngaard who married in Linlithgo, New York, on 2 Jun 1758. Derrick had found a reference on the Internet that said his William was the son of a George Thomas Sole, born at Therfield in Hertfordshire in 1702, who was the son of John Sole and Sarah Hale and he wondered if we had information on the Therfield family. This seems to be a classic example of some of the misinformation on the Internet. The child born in Therfield in 1702 was Thomas Sole, not George Thomas, and though this Thomas did go on to have a son William (b 1727), the said William married and brought up a family in Therfield. The baptism of William's last child in the parish was in 1778, so this William could not have been the one to marry in Linlithgo.

Clay Soules wrote to ask if we had any further information on the parents of George Soule of the Mayflower. Unfortunately we are no further forward topic but Clay did offer another theory as to where he came from, a story that had been passed down his family. Clay said his father told him that George came from the Basque region: the story was that he was an outlaw who fled first to Paris and then to London to escape from the authorities and that once in London he took up with the English nonconformists. As Clay said, this story seems a bit far-fetched and he has so far disregarded it but in view of the lack of progress in finding George in the English records he thought he would perhaps see if he could find anything of relevance in the Basque region. It seems highly unlikely to me but since I have no idea where George did come from, I can't say he was definitely not Basque (or for that matter Belgian or Dutch, two other possibilities that have been raised in the last few years)!

A query about the Kelshall family came from Shirley Ann Nelson. Shirley's great grandmother Mary Ann, the daughter of George and Mary Ann (nee Shambrook) Sole, was born in Ashwell, HRT, in 1872. Shirley wanted to know if we knew when and where George's parents Stephen Sole and Louisa Jane married. She has given the Society some details about her great grandmother's descendants.

I have spent some time over the last few months building a database of Canadian births and marriages, largely from the data available on the familysearch website. Although by no means comprehensive I have been able to use the database and the available Canadian censuses to begin to piece together the Canadian families. Some of these are descendants of George Soule of the Mayflower but others are the result of later emigrations not only from the UK but from other areas of Europe. Although very much in its infancy this work has proved useful in revealing what happened to some of the people who disappear from the British records.


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