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SOLE Co-ordinator's Report December 2010

by Maureen Storey  




Susan Kennedy wrote to us from Australia to ask if we had any information on Thomas Sole and Margaret Cole who married in Liverpool, NSW, in 1854. Susan is descended from Margaret Cole and her first husband, Robert Bridge, so has no direct Sole connections but she wondered if we had any information to add to what she had already gleaned about Thomas and Margaret's children. She was particularly interested to know if we had any photographs of family members. We were able to help her with some further information but unfortunately we have no photos for this family group.


Marguerite Irene Sole, who was born in Poole, DOR, in 1904 was the subject of a query from her grandson Michael Andrews. Michael knew that Marguerite married Harold Cecil Andrews in 1928 and that the couple went on to have six children but he had been unable to find any record of her death. We were able to tell him not only the date of the death but where she was buried so that he could visit the grave. Marguerite was the daughter of Jonathan Sole and his second wife Alice Mary Butlin and is part of the Kelshall family.


Richard Myhill is a descendant of Ann Sole and Samuel Bartram, who married in Tivetshall St Mary, NFK in 1823. According to the 1851 census, Ann's father William Sole was born in Tivetshall in about 1783 and although we have been unable to find a baptism for him there it has been assumed that he was the son of William Sole and Hannah Staff who married in Tivetshall in 1775 (Sole is not a common name in Norfolk and this seems to have been the only Sole family in the area at that time). Richard wrote to ask if we'd been able to confirm the relationship. He also wanted to know if we'd been able to find William senior's baptism according to the marriage register he was 'of Dickleburgh' but Richard has not been able to find any trace of him there or in the surrounding parishes. Unfortunately, we do not at present have any information that would further Richard's research.


Gordon Trueblood found some information on the family of the Quaker printer Andrew Sowle (1629-1695) in the records of the Quaker meeting at Devonshire House in London, while researching his own Trueblood ancestry. Gordon has been able to confirm that Andrew's daughter Jane married first Jonas Hinde and then John Bradford. Both of these men were printers and it seems that Jane continued the trade after being widowed for the second time.


Further information about members of the Kelshall family has been supplied by member Terry Sole. Terry has been continuing his research into his family's lives after they emigrated to Montreal, Canada in the early twentieth century. Alfred Sole, the son of Charles and Mary Jane Sole, was born in Stepney in 1885. In 1908 he emigrated to Montreal where he set up Sole's Fish Market on Notre Dame Street, Lachine. He was followed in 1909 by his wife Alice and their younger son Albert, though the couple's elder son stayed in London with his grandparents until 1921 when he too went to Canada. Terry's research has left him with two unresolved problems: he has been unable to find a marriage for Alfred and Alice Sole (when their elder son was born in 1907 he was registered as the son of Alfred and Alice (nee Wall) Sole, but Alice travelled to Canada under her maiden name) and he has been unable to find when and where was their son Albert was born. According to the Canadian 1911 census he was born in England in 1909 and entered Canada the same year, but no birth registration has been found for him in the UK and there is no record of him travelling to Canada with his mother.


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