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SOLE Co-ordinator's Report December 2009

by Maureen Storey  



In this journal we welcome new member Pauline Pegram. Pauline's late father Ron Souls was one of our earliest members and she is continuing his research into their family, which Ron traced back to the marriage of William Soules and Sarah Budding in Stonehouse, GLS, in 1812.


Melissa Hutchinson wrote to ask if we have any information on her ancestors Thomas and Mary Soles. From the records Melissa has been able to find, it appears that Thomas was born in England in about 1819 and he and Mary emigrated to Wisconsin after their marriage. Unfortunately with so few clues we haven't yet been able to definitely identify either Thomas's parents or Mary's maiden name.


Now that the 1911 census is available on subscription from findmypast it has become economically viable to start adding the data from it to our database. Although so far there have been no big breakthroughs in linking branches on to larger trees, I've been able to start linking the previously unidentified 1901-1910 births to their families.


One feature common to all our trees, particularly in the years before general registration, is the individual for whom we have a birth or baptism but nothing more. It's probable that most of these died in infancy and that their burials were not recorded but sometimes we 'lose' the whole of a nuclear family. Until recently, this was the case for John and Mary (nee Evans) Sole and their sons William (baptised 1813, Wicken, CAM) and George (baptised 1816, Cambridge, CAM). When going through the 1871 census I came across the family of William Sole, aged 56, who said he was born in Huntingdonshire,. I was unable to place William,. I then turned to the 1861 census to see if it gave his place of birth more precisely, only to find the family didn't appear in the index!  Confusion came when I found them in the 1851 census William's place of birth was given as Middlesex? I decided to have another try at locating them in 1861 and eventually found that they had been indexed as Sale. This time William had been very specific when giving his place of birth Wicken, CAM. At last I thought I knew which tree William belonged to but to confirm it I obtained the certificate of his marriage to Elizabeth Howell in St Pancras 1845 and sure enough he gave his father's name and occupation as John Sole, wheelwright.


So I've found one member of this particular nuclear family but what happened to the others? Well, the St Pancras parish registers record the baptisms of John (1825) and Elizabeth Mary (1834), the children of John and Mary Sole, and in the 1841 census for St Pancras both John senior and John junior give their occupation as 'wheelwright'. So it's tempting to believe the John and Mary in St Pancras are the John and Mary from Wicken, but with such common forenames we can't be sure.  



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