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SOLLEY Co-ordinator's Report December 2008

By Bob Solly



Many thanks to George Solly, Elizabeth Hughes and Sandra Stone, who have agreed to become associate committee members.


No time has been available to update the database (on Generations) but there is an opportunity for any volunteer to take the 1901 census information (which is on an excel spreadsheet) and group it into families in Gedcom format. Please let me know if you can help.


Similarly the Registrar’s records are copied up to 1950 and now need to be input in Gedcom format.


The last six months have been quiet; we have had a few enquiries as follows, many of which have been posted on the forum:


From Bob Wilkins:


George Augustus Solly (1872-1964)

Does anybody know anything about my great grandfather?  He was born in 1872, the birth was registered in Shoreditch, London. In the 1891 census, age 19, he is listed as a print compositor boarding with the Long family in Islington. Also in 1891, and again in Islington, there is a record of a marriage.


In 1911, when he was 39, my grandfather Francis George Solly was born in Edmonton. Finally in 1964 he died in Maidenhead. As a small child I remember visiting him at a nursing home there just prior to his death.


Well, I managed to get hold of a birth certificate for my great grandfather which led me to a good deal more information. Now I'm stuck back in the early 19th century in Sandwich, Kent. But hopefully this is an area where someone here can give me a few pointers.


George Augustus was the second child of Charles Solly (born ca 1849 Sandwich, Kent, died May 1920) and Jessie Annie Matilda Allen of Islington, London. In total it appears that Charles and Jessie had ten children the majority of which which were born in the Islington area of North London.


From census details it seems that that Charles was the sixth child of George Solly (born ca 1809, Sandwich, Kent) and Sarah M Coleman (also of Sandwich).


And that's where this particular branch of my family tree ends at the moment. I have some details about the various brothers and sisters of George Augustus and Charles Solly but nothing of George and Sarah. Does anyone out there know anything more?


From Richard Solley:


Solleys in Scotland

I see from your web site that the histories are predominately based in the Kent area. However, my roots are from South West Scotland and I would be grateful if you could advise if there are any connections between the two areas. I fully realise that for any detail I would have to join the society, but if there is no connections or information available then I would have to look at other sites


From Charles Solley:


Thomas Solley

Here are pictures from the family cemetery in Glen Burnie, Maryland of Thomas Solley's head stone. Thomas was born in Kent County England – in Ash near Canterbury.  (Ed: Additional photos will be posted on our web site in due course)


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