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SOLE Co-ordinator's Report December 2004

By Maureen Storey  

In this journal we welcome six new members: Tony Dann, Linda Wiggins, Audrey Goodier, Maureen Weisner, Cherie Kingsley and Eileen Peacock. We also welcome back Janette Warren who has rejoined the Society.


Tony Dann wrote asking if we had any information on his great great grandfather William Soul (1840-1920) a carman of Mile End, Middlesex. We were able to give Tony details of William’s marriage and the reference that he needed to obtain William’s birth certificate. The latter showed that he was the son of Joseph Soul and Mary Barnes, who married at St John at Hackney in 1828. It looks likely that this Joseph is the one baptized at Whitechapel, Middlesex in 1804 but as yet we’ve found no proof of this. Tony’s research into William and his family revealed that there were two couples called William and Harriett Soul having children in East London in the same period and he untangled the two families for us. This leaves something of a mystery as apart from birth registrations for their two daughters we can find no other record for the second William and Harriett (nee Snelling): no marriage, no deaths and no mention in the censuses for the area.


Linda Wiggins is a descendant of Gregory Sole and Ann Woollard and like several of our other members has been looking for their marriage and Gregory’s birth/baptism for some time. Gregory’s age is given as 84 on his death certificate, which puts his birth at about 1774, and according to the 1841 census he was born in Bedfordshire.


Audrey Goodier sent us some excellent photos of her great grandparents David and Sarah Ann Sole and their family. David was born in Hackney, Middlesex, in 1834, the son of James and Hannah Sole. He moved first to the Birmingham area and later to Pendleton in Lancashire where he ran a shop. Like me, Audrey is a descendant of William Sole and Dinah Woodland who married in Hackney in 1787.


Maureen Weisner has given us a copy of a family tree drawn up in the 1950s by her grandmother Susan Allen (nee Bullen) and her cousins Alice and Ann Soole. These ladies were the grand-daughters of Nicholas Walker Soole (1808-1880) and Susan Ellis (1814-1897). Nicholas was born in Ickleton, Cambridgeshire, but by 1839 had moved to Chrishall, Essex, with Susan (his second wife) and their family. Susan Allen’s tree has allowed us to fill several gaps in the later generation of this branch of the Ickleton family.


Eileen Peacock’s 3 x great grandfather was Isaac Sole (1832-1891), who for many years ran a dairy in Cable St, Whitechapel. Isaac was born in Kelshall, and was the son of Thomas Sole and Esther Jones. All three of Isaac’s brothers (James, Edmund and Charles) also settled in the Whitechapel area. We had some information on the family of Isaac’s son Frederick and Eileen has given us details of his daughter Ellen’s descendants – that just leaves Isaac George, Charles Thomas, Emily and Sarah unaccounted for!


Cherie Kingsley’s husband Jason is a descendant of Thomas Kingsley and Mary Sole who married in Kelshall, Hertfordshire in 1839. This was the second marriage between these two families – Thomas’s sister Ann and Mary’s brother Richard had married in 1829. In addition, Richard and Ann’s son Frederick married a Mary Ann Kingsley in 1869, while Frederick’s cousin Samuel Sole married another Mary Ann Kingsley in 1865. Cherie is keen to know if all these Kingsleys are related.


Janette Warren is another member of the Kelshall family. She is descended from Edward Sole and Mary Ann Berry, whose 14 children were born in the Therfield/Kelshall area between 1882 and 1885.


Leslie Sole wrote from Australia to ask if we could help with his research – Leslie knew very little about his family but with from the few details he had we were able to trace his line back to George Sole who was transported to Australia in 1827. George was born in Layston, Hertfordshire, in 1797. In 1831 he applied for permission for his wife Sarah and son Thomas to join him and they travelled out at the government’s expense.


Les Sweeney has been researching his Sillett family and was surprised when a web search led him to the photographs of his great grandparents William Sillett and Ellen Hannah Sole on our website. We hope to be exchanging information with Les shortly.


Pat Baxter found an article by Janet Hurst about the Sooles of Ickleton on our website and wrote to ask if we knew if Elizabeth Soole who married Charles Starkey in 1867 was a member of this family. We were able to confirm that she was and have exchanged information with Pat.


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