Bob SheldonThe Sole Society, a Family History Society researching Sole, Saul, Sewell, Solley and similar names

SOLE Co-ordinator's Report December 2001

(Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire)

By Bob Sheldon  

Since our editor, Tim Soles, joined the Society he tells me he has done very little research on his own family but I was recently able to obtain a copy of the WW1 Soldiers' Documents relating to his grandfather Thomas.

Unfortunately only two pages have survived and they were badly damaged but he was lucky, in most cases all documents were lost (see my article in the journal for April 2001). The papers confirmed that Thomas was 41 when he joined the Army Service Corps in 1915 whereas previous family knowledge believed he joined a year earlier. Also the date of marriage to Tim's grandmother, Winifred, was stated and this had not been previously known in the family.

I have been in contact with Margaret Capelin and her niece Sue Ede. They were enquiring about Margaret's father, Charles Leslie SOLE and her grandfather Arthur Thomas SOLE. I was able to link them with the large family line which we have so far identified back to Rustington, Sussex in 1594. I have sent a copy of the Chart to Margaret and I hope she will become a new member especially as I was able to tell her that two of her cousins, Sheila MacInnes and Hilary Hale are members.

We were recently introduced to the "Rustington Heritage Association" by a letter received from Harry Clark, a local historian. He had seen our name in the Kent FHS magazine and was wondering if we knew of a George SOLE living in the area in the 19th century.

He sent us relevant extracts from the 1841 and 1851 census records and referred to the Duke of Richmond Archives in which there is mention of a Philip SOLE. I replied thanking him for the information, and to say that George was a descendant of five generations of Philip's stemming from Rustington (see my article elsewhere in this edition) and part of one of our largest family trees so his town has a significant place in the history of our name. We shall be following up Harry's mention of the Richmond archives at the Chichester record office.

Another contact was with Brian Symonds who was kind enough to complement the Society on its Internet web site. He said he was intrigued by a piece in my report in the Journal for March 1997 referring to the 18th century Edward SOLE of St. Peters in Thanet, Kent as his wife's mother's maiden name was Fennell and she is descended from the marriage of Ann SOLE to Thomas Fennell in 1830 at Monkton in Thanet. Brian was wondering if there was any connection between Ann and Edward. Unfortunately I had to say that currently we have not found any relationship with Edward but we have traced her ancestry back three generations to William SOAL who may well have been his brother or cousin.

Phil Lynch has again been active in Deal by extracting transcripts of church records for St Leonard's and the Congregational church. Most of the St Leonard entries I have managed to agree with the parish records but one or two are new so I shall check these again on my next visit to Canterbury Archives where they are now held. Phil also found a transcript of a number of conveyances involving property in Middle Street, two of which referred to Edward and Elizabeth SOLE.

Finally who is "Snoozykitkat"? I came across Snoozy when trying out the new search facility that Tim has introduced into the Society's webpages. It is the e-mail address of someone who asked "is anyone connected with the sole family from ash or st nicholas near canterbury kent uk". I replied that yes I was, but he/she must still be snoozing as I have not received any further message. n

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