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SOLLEY Co-ordinator's Report - November 97

By Bob Solly and Elizabeth Hughes

We have continued to receive information, principally about SOLLEYs in Kent. The number of confirmed records continues to grow as the information is added to the database. We are indebted to Keith Parry who is supplying further information about his branch of SOLLEYs.

We are grateful to Maeda Entwistle for information sent from New Zealand, and to Maryanne de Milliano from the United States. Her great-grandfather Daniel Solley emigrated from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent to Illinois in about 1872.

Another correspondent in America is Thomas Solley. His family information is that four Solley brothers emigrated, one of whom jumped ship in the South, maybe Kentucky, and the rest finished in the northern states such as Maryland. I am still investigating the Baltimore area where there is a small village called Sollev! Fortunately, I am visiting the area on business in November.

So the SOLLEYs have spread, but it is noteworthy that there are still descendants in the same areas as they set sail to, 120 years or more ago.

Elizabeth has now copied the complete parish records regarding SOLLEYs for Ash in Kent up to 1906 (marriages up to 1840) and these are being added to the database where we do not currently have information.

The task over the next three months is to complete the Ash records and begin grouping of IGI details for SOLLEYs in other counties.

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