The Sole Society, a Family History Society researching Sole, Saul, Sewell, Solley and similar names

SOLES Co-ordinator's Report November 1993

By Bill Soles

All my material has now been put into the Society's chart format; it made around 50 charts, many more than I would have expected. I am now in the process of making alterations and additions which I shall pass over in due course. There are quite a few loose ends. My grandfather John Edward Soles of Birmingham had a brother William who married in Birmingham in 1879. I have no information about him. Then there is a James Soles found in the Burgess Roll for Watery Lane Birmingham in 1871. He is also a mystery. These Birmingham problems will keep me busy for some time.

Incidentally, there was a small slip in my article on the Soles family in the last edition of Soul Search. The baptism of my great‑great‑uncle Edward Oscar Soles was given as Edward Ridley Soles, not Edward Ridler Soles, as I said. However, he had a RIDLER ancestry through his mother Mary Arm Orpin and I suspect RIDLEY was a clerical error by the vicar or clerk. When surnames were used as a Christian name such errors were not infrequent. In the television series on Family History, Gordon Honeycombe mentioned that his great‑grandfather and all his brothers and sisters were given their mother's name, Davey, as a middle christian name but in the baptismal entry for one brother it appeared as David, a similar case of substituting a more common name for a rare one.

My lists of SOLES births, marriages and deaths from the St Catherine's House indexes have been sorted into districts and rough working charts made of them. I am now infilling and extending these lists using the microfilms at the Mormon Family History Centre at Leicester, though they have them only up to 1905. Soon we should have a good idea of every family in England and Wales using the SOLES spelling.

Many years ago, my distant cousin Geraldine Soles of Clearwater sent me a copy of her pedigree traced by her aunt Abbie Soles in 1938. It shows that the American SOLES of this line would appear to have a Mayflower descent quite different from that of the North Carolina SOLES descended from the Pilgrim Father George Soule. Geraldine's great‑grandfather (my great‑great‑uncle) Edward Oscar Soles (1824‑1888) married Abigail Taylor (1831 ‑1904) who was a descendant of Pilgrim Father William Brewster, one of the leaders of the expedition. Eunice Brewster (17311813) daughter of Joseph Brewster of Duxbury, Mass. married Timothy Walker of Wilmington, Mass. (1738‑1809). Their daughter Elizabeth Walker (1763‑1813) married Joel Jenkins of Wilmington (1757-1821). Their daughter Eunice Jenkins (1784‑1825) married Timothy Foster of Wilmington (1782‑1827). Their daughter Eunice Foster (d. 1870) married James Taylor Jr. (1799‑1871) and their daughter Abigail married Edward Oscar Soles. It needs checking out, of course, but looks all right on the face of it. If it is authenticated, George Soule's descendants are not the only SOLES eligible to join the General Society of Mayflower Descendants!

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