Maureen StoreyThe Sole Society, a Family History Society researching Sole, Saul, Sewell, Solley and similar names

SOLE Co-ordinator's Report August 2008

by Maureen Storey  


In the last few months we've received a number of interesting queries, which resulted in new data for the Society but unfortunately have had no new members.


Tracy Soall approached the Society hoping to find out more about her family and we've been able to fill in gaps for her. Her grandfather Richard Thomas Soall was born in Edmonton, MDX, in 1904 and was the son of Joseph John Sole (1870-1915) and Eliza E Kirkham (1871-1944). Much work has been done on this family, but despite exhaustive efforts it hasn't yet proved possible to get back beyond William Soal(l) who married Clementina Benson in Shoreditch, MDX, in 1775.


Tessa Soole wrote to us asking for information that would help her decide if any of the Sooles who had approached her via Skype and Facebook were related to her. Tessa's grandfather Albert Soole fell out with his family and as a result she only knew that he'd been born in 1896, not where or who his parents were. This is another of our larger families on which a great deal of work has been done; our records take the family back to the marriage of Richard So(o)le and Elizabeth Cooper who married in Duxford, CAM, in 1761.


The family of Richard Souls and Hannah Dauncey, who married in Uley, GLS, in 1819, were the subject of an enquiry we had from Peter Ford. Peter is a descendant of Sarah Dauncey Souls (b. 1824, Uley). Richard and his family moved to Dursley, WOR, in the 1830s, and later to Aston, WAR, where they found work in the engineering industry. Richard was born in Woodchester, GLS, in about 1798 and was the seventh of the twelve children born to Richard Soule and Ann Durbridge.


Whilst researching her Saul connections Angela Moorefield noted a number of Soul events in the surrounding parishes. She has let us have details of events in Tirley, Redmarley D'Abitot, Chaceley and Elmstone Hardwicke. She was particularly interested to know if we were able to identify Charles Sole who married Esther Long in Tirley in 1806. Catherine (1807) and William (1809), two children of this marriage, were baptised in Tirley but there was then some doubt as to whether their surname was Soul or Saul. Unfortunately we've nothing in our database that helps to clarify the situation.


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