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SOLE Co-ordinator's Report August 2006

by Maureen Storey  


In this journal we welcome six new members: Kristine East, William Clark, Gillian Burke, Peter Hedge, Sally Pillen and Gail Butterfield.

Kristine is researching her Soul family, who were living in east London in the early nineteenth century. She contacted us hoping that we would be able to confirm links with other Souls in the area and perhaps be able to identify John Soul, whose children were baptised in Whitechapel between 1804 and 1827. John's daughter Ann was Kristine's great great grandmother; Ann married Thomas McCreith at St John's church, Bethnal Green in 1846. We were able to give Kristine details of the families of some of Ann's siblings but as yet we haven't been able to find where John Soul came from or who his parents were.

William wrote to ask if we had any information on his grandmother Alice May Soall and her family. Alice was born in 1902 in the Edmonton registration district and married Arthur Bull in 1924. Our database shows that Alice's family has so far been traced back to William Soall and Clementina Benson, who married in Shoreditch in 1775.

Gillian and her sister Christine came across an article on our website that mentioned their cousin Jan Warren, who they had lost touch with after they emigrated to Australia in the 1960s. Gillian, Christine and Jan are grandchildren of William Sole and Kate Berry, who married in Marylebone in 1922, and are members of the Kelshall family. We were able to put the cousins in contact again and to give Gillian the information we have on on the Kelshall Soles.

Peter is researching his wife Phyllis's family. Phyllis is the youngest of the nine children of John Sowle and Rose Emma Sharpe who married in Southwark in 1912. We have given Peter data that take the family back to the marriage of John Sole and Sarah Pratt, who married in Therfield, HRT in 1756.

Sally has been searching the 1901 census for her great grandmother Henrietta Sole without success. Henrietta (known as Elsie) was born in Holborn in 1898 and her birth certificate identifies her parents as William John Sole and Mary Barham. Sally was hoping that she would be able to identify William's birth in the GRO indexes from his age and date of birth in the census as so far she has been unable to find his marriage to Mary Barham. Her search continues.

Gail Butterfield's interests lie in the family of George Soule of the Mayflower – we're still awaiting details of her family to see if we have anything in the North American section of the database that would help with her research.

Several members have sent in new information:

Frank Dovey gave us a copy of his ancestor Samuel Soal's service record in the Royal Marine Artillery. The documents fill in some of the details of his service from his enlistment as a private in December 1857, aged 19 years and 5 months, to his discharge as a quarter master sergeant on 3rd Jan 1873.

Frank Pursey has been collecting data on the Soole variant and has given us a copy of his comprehensive database of Soole events.

Colin Sole sent some court documents he'd unearthed that linked George Soule, who lived in Flitwick, BDF, in the 1670s, with a pair of convicted highwaymen. It was alleged that George had been receiving stolen property from them but he doesn't seem to have been prosecuted for the offence.

Steven Edwards, one of our Saul members, has supplied us with a photocopy of an article he found in The American Genealogist about the Soule family of Dartmouth, MA.

Amongst other queries we've received recently were two separate ones concerning the family of the Rev William Anslow Sole. Jeremy Dunnett wrote to say that, while going through his mother's papers, he had come across the license for the marriage in 1874 of William Anslow Sole and Grace Mary Elizabeth Richard-Preston. As far as he is aware there is no connection between his family and either the Soles or the Richard-Prestons, so he was puzzled as to how the certificate came to be in his mother's possession.

This remains a mystery – we've compared names of families we know to be linked to William and Grace with the ones on Jeremy's tree but have failed to find a connection. Janet Clarke approached us after coming across an article that mentioned William Anslow Sole on our website. She wondered if there was any connection between William and a Frank Anslow Sole who appears on her husband's family tree. Frank married Mary Clarke and they had a daughter named Hilary, but the marriage didn't last and, after her mother remarried, Hilary took her step-father's name. It appears she had no further contact with her father and Janet wondered if we knew anything about him. We were able to confirm that Frank was the son of William Anslow Sole and to give Janet the details of his remarriage and death.

Sybil Burdon was researching her Byford/Chaplin connections when she came across a William Soles, aged 30, born London, and described as a 'nephew', who was living with James Chaplin and his family at the time of the 1901 census. She asked if we could identify William. She believed the connection was probably through the Chaplin side of the family as extensive research into the Byfords hadn't revealed any link with Sole. Sybil also found a John Sole and Jane Chaplin Bye who married in 1869 in Tendring Registration District and who had a son William born in Tendring in 1871. Was the William in the 1901 census the one born in Tendring?

As yet we can't be sure one way or another, they're the same age and the discrepancy in place of birth (London/Tendring) could just be because the William in Tendring was orphaned by 1879 so possibly he didn't know his place of birth. But the Sole/Chaplin connection doesn't seem right. William of Tendring’s mother was a Bye not a Chaplin. If Chaplin was a family name it most probably came from William's grandmother's family which would mean that the James Chaplin in the 1901 census was the wrong generation to have been William's uncle (or great uncle) – but relationships in censuses aren't always correct either. The question remains unresolved at present. The last definite sighting we have of William of Tendring is in the 1881 census when he and his sister Annie are inmates in Tendring workhouse and we don't yet know what happened to the William of the 1901 census.

Elaine Fitzgerald is researching the Tadd family and asked if we knew anything about George Felix Sole and his wife Lucy Alice Tadd, who married in 1869 at the church of St Luke, Old Street, London. George and Lucy are part of our Kelshall family and we were able to give Elaine some information on George, Lucy and their children.

Maureen Horne is visiting the UK from Australia later this year and is arranging a reunion for the descendants of Samuel Sole (baptised 1777 at Aston-le-Walls, NTH) and his wife Anna. She asked if we could add to the family tree that she hopes to display at the reunion.


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