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SOLE Co-ordinator's Report August 2004

By Maureen Storey  

In this journal we welcome three new members: Bryant Sole, Andrew Revells and Jean Holloway.


Bryant’s family lived in Hull for several generations but he has traced them back to Robert Soal and Ann Scotney, who married in Crowland, LIN, in 1818. We’ve been unable to find Robert’s place of birth; the only clue we have is that he is said to be ‘of Godstone’ in the marriage register – but where is Godstone? It doesn’t seem to be Godstone in Surrey, but there’s no other obvious candidate!


Andrew and Jean are both researching the Kelshall family. Andrew’s great great grandmother Sarah Sole was the youngest child of Richard Sole and Sarah Berry. She was baptized in Kelshall, HRT, in 1814 and married Abraham Waldock at Ashwell, HRT, in 1834. Andrew is descended from Abraham and Sarah’s daughter Emma.


Jean’s husband is the great grandson of Jonathan Sole and his second wife Alice Butlin. Jonathan was born in Kelshall in 1856 and lived in the area until about 1890 when he and  his first wife, Sarah Gazeley, and their five children moved to Poole, DOR. Jonathan and Sarah had two more children in Poole, but then in 1897 Sarah died. Jonathan remarried in 1900 and had a further four children. Jean’s husband had lost touch with the Sole side of his family and so she was extremely pleased that we were able to put her in contact with member Leslie Blackmore, Jonathan’s grandson.


Another Kelshall researcher to contact us recently is Robin Atkins, who asked if we had any information on his great grandparents, Albert Atkins and Mary Ann Sole who married in Kelshall in 1867. Mary (b 1848) was the tenth child of Stephen and Louisa Sole. An exchange of information has taken Robin’s research back another couple of generations and has given us more information about Albert and Mary Ann’s 14 children.


Frank Dovey is researching the family of his great grandmother Hannah Soal, who married William Dovey in Bloomsbury, London, in 1858. Hannah was the youngest child of Philip Soal and Ann Savaker and until Frank contacted us we knew nothing of this branch of the family, although we did have considerable information on Hannah’s brother Samuel and his descendants. Philip and Ann married at St James, Westminster, in 1828 but we’ve not yet found Philip’s parents – both the use of the forename Philip and the fact that the family consistently spell their name Soal indicate that perhaps they will eventually be found among the Sussex/Hampshire families.


When Peter Soole contacted us asking if we could help with his research into the family of his grandfather Charles Soole, I was confident that I knew how Charles fitted into the Ickleton family – overconfident as it turned out! Peter said that his grandfather was born in Ickleton on 12 September 1875. Neither the GRO indexes nor the parish registers record a Charles born in 1875 but there was one whose birth was registered in the third quarter of 1879 who seemed a likely candidate; this was a son of Thomas Soole. The 1881 and 1901 census indexes also only show one Charles Soole: in 1881 he’s with his father Thomas while in 1901 he’s on his own, lodging in London, though, the age given indicates that he was born in 1879.


Because of the birth date discrepancy I asked Peter to get his grandparents’ marriage certificate to confirm that Charles’ father was named Thomas – only to find that it gave the groom’s father as Charles Soole! I’m still looking for Charles, the groom’s father – he doesn’t appear in any of our records.


Graham Clements e-mailed to ask if we had any information on the Soules of Longney, GLS, and we are currently exchanging information on the family. Our records go back to the marriage of Francis Soule and Betsey Dody in Malmesbury, WIL, in 1774.


When Victor Soul joined the Society a couple of years ago he was looking for the marriage of his great grandparents John Soul and Mary Ann Currey and was hoping to find John’s parents. Although we’ve not found the marriage to Mary Ann, on buying the birth certificate of one of his older sons we did find that Mary Ann was John’s second wife; his first wife was Catherine Jackson who he married in 1840 in London. John and Catherine’s marriage certificate identified John’s father as Daniel Soul, wine merchant, which was enough for us to be able to identify the family and Victor’s family tree now goes back to John Soul and Kezia Clark, who married in Eastington and Alkerton, GLS, in 1737. Victor is now in contact with members Brendan Soul and Tony Wright who are also researching this family.


Snippets of information about the Norfolk Sowel(l)(s) families have been sent to me by Dianna Kennedy and Betty Davey. Diana found some data referring to William Sowels and William Sowels junior in the archives of the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Company for which they both worked and Betty wrote to say that she has the 1755 will of Abraham Davey of Lowestoft, SFK, and later Ludham, NFK, which mentions his wife Mary (nee Sowel) and also John Sowel.


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