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SOLE Co-ordinator's Report August 2002

By Maureen Storey  

Among the enquiries we’ve had in the last couple of months were three from people interested in the Kelshall family.

Caroline Fallon and Lesley Bradwell each independently wanted to know if we had any information on the family of Louisa Jane Sole who married George Rayner in Kelshall in 1865. Louisa was the daughter of Stephen and Louisa (née Jane) Sole and although we had the Sole/Rayner marriage on our database we ‘lost’ the couple after their marriage. Hopefully an exchange of information with Caroline and Lesley will give us data on a new branch of the Kelshall family.

The third Kelshall enquiry was from a great grandson of Lucy Sole, one of the Sole Brothers’ Circus family. The data we were given about Lucy’s parents doesn’t quite tally with what we already knew and so we’re not yet sure exactly where Lucy fits in the family; we are awaiting further information to clarify this.

Dorothy Rodgers is researching the family of her great grandmother Mary Pasco, who was born to Ferdinando and Lucy (née Sowell) Pasco in Penzance in 1840. We were able to supply Dorothy with the details of Ferdinando and Lucy’s marriage and to take her research back a further two generations to the marriage of William Sowell and Lucy Resuggan in Truro in 1784.

A plea for help came from Malvin and Theresa Fox who were trying to trace the living descendants of Malvin’s great aunt Fanny. Malvin knew that Fanny had emigrated to Canada where she married into the Soles family of British Columbia. Although we have some resources which can sometimes help to trace living relatives in the UK, we generally can’t help with this sort of query elsewhere but in this case Malvin and Theresa were lucky – the person they particularly wanted to contact is a member!

Anita Given was not so lucky! Anita found a memorial plaque for Elizabeth Soles, who died on 18 May 1907 aged 86, in an antiques shop in Canada and hoped that we might be able to tell her something about Elizabeth and her family. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to place Elizabeth – the only other clue that we have is that the antiques shop is in the Kingston area of Ontario so it seems likely that Elizabeth or her descendants had a connection to that area. If anyone can identify her, please let me know.

Val Fryer is trying to trace what happened to her grandmother Ethel Sole (née Barwick). The family lost contact with Ethel after she moved from her home town of Burnham Market to London – it is believed that she later married a Mr R Sole. We’ve not found a Sole/Barwick marriage in our records and again if anyone recognizes this lady can they please let me know?

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