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SOLLEY Co-ordinator's Report August 2001

By Bob Solly


Two new members interested in Solley have been added: Paul Solly and Norman Smith.Bob Solly

Norman has forwarded details of his own family tree, for which we are very grateful. He traces his ancestors back through Ramsgate and the Thanet area to Richard Solly, a fish hawker shown on the 1881 Census as living at 5 Meeting Street Ramsgate. He was married to Mary Neaves. The tree continues back through families in the parish of St Lawrence in Thanet and to the marriage of John Solly and Mary Strivens (or Shivens) on 5 October 1729. A further link to Stephen Solley (now with an e) takes us back to a marriage in 1696. The indications of the research documents also suggest a link with one of the families in Ash (where else).

Lynne Burlingham has continued to be active in researching her ancestors and adding to our own knowledge of that branch of the family. She is looking for the ancestor of Thomas Solley who married Elizabeth Smith in Ash on 6 April 1794. We do not have any definite links back to the earlier family, so if anyone can help?

In the meantime, work continues to list all the registration records on computer. As far as the database goes, I have reprinted below an extract from one report relating to the Thomas Solley named above to illustrate the amount of information that we do have in terms of descendants and appended notes.

1 Thomas SOLLEY

Birth:       abt 1772, KEN

Death:     23 Sep 1845, KEN, Richborough

Burial:     23 Sep 1845, KEN, Ash, St Nicholas

Occ:         Farmer

In memory of Thomas Solley of Richborough in this parish who died 23rd September 1845 aged 73 and also of Elizabeth the wife of the above who died 17th October aged 70 years

Wingham Barton house in Ash KTM

Farmer of Castle Farm, Richborough (tithe map)

Spouse:   Elizabeth SMITH

Birth:       8 Mar 1775, KEN, Wingham

Death:     17 Oct 1845, KEN, Richborough

Father:     Crawford SMITH

Mother:   Elizabeth AGEN

Marr:       6 Apr 1794, KEN, Ash, St Nicholas

Children: Thomas (1794-1870)

                Mary Ann (1795-)

                Stephen (1796-1849)

                William (1798-)

                Elizabeth (1799-1800)

                Jane (1800-)

                Bridget (1803-1814)

                Juliet (1805-)

                Elizabeth (1807-<1812)

                Kezia (1809-)

                Emily (1810-)

                Elizabeth (1812-1817)

                Louisa (1813-)

                George (1814-1899


1.1 Thomas SOLLEY

Birth:       6 May 1794, KEN, Ash

Death:     15 Jan 1870, KEN, Ramsgate

Burial:     20 Jan 1870, KEN, Woodnesborough

Occ:         Farmer Of Little Polders, Woodnesborough

Farmer - from Poll Books - census 1841 and 1851

Spouse:   Catherine SLAUGHTER

Birth:       16 Dec 1772, KEN, Sandwich

Death:     22 Nov 1851, KEN, Woodnesborough

Marr:       12 Sep 1829, KEN, Woodnesborough

Children: Catherine (1831-)

                Julia (1835-)

                Margaret (1807-)

                Ann (1809-)


1.1.1 Catherine SOLLEY

Birth:       28 Mar 1831, KEN, Woodnesborough

Spouse:   Ceasar HARPER

Marr:       17 Oct 1858, KEN, Sandwich, St Mary


1.1.2 Julia SOLLEY

Birth:       26 Apr 1835, KEN, Woodnesborough

Spouse:   Stephen ELGAR

Marr:       22 May 1861, KEN, Woodnesborough

Children: Catherine Sarah Catherine Sarah ELGAR

1.1.3 Margaret SOLLY

Birth:       25 Oct 1807, KEN, Thanet


1.1.4 Ann SOLLY

Birth:       19 Nov 1809, St Laurence (Thanet), Kent


1.2 Mary Ann SOLLEY

Birth:       18 Aug 1795, KEN, Ash

Married by licence - witness Thomas Solley

Spouse:   William BURVILLE

Birth:       bef 1808, KEN, St Margarets, Cliffe

Marr:       23 Nov 1824, KEN, Ash, St Nicholas


1.3 Stephen SOLLEY

Birth:       23 Oct 1796, KEN, Ash

Death:     19 Oct 1849, KEN, Richborough

Burial:     23 Oct 1849, KEN, Ash, St Nicholas

Occ:         Baker In Ash St. Ash In 1841

Sacred to the memory of Stephen Solley of this parish son of Thomas and Elizabeth Solly (I think this is a spelling error as the dates fit - should be with an e) of Richborough who died October 19th 1849 aged 55 and also three children of the above who died in their infancy, also Mary wife of the above died April 16th 1871 aged 75, also of Elizabeth Juliet eldest daughter of the above who died October 9th 1881 aged 62 years

Spouse:   Mary SOLLY

Birth:       abt 1796

Death:     16 Apr 1871, KEN, Ash

Marr:       16 May 1818, KEN, Thanet, St Lawrence

Children: Stephen (1838-1920)

                Elizabeth Juliet (1819-1881)

                Stephen Smith

                Marianne (1821-)

                Emily (1824-)

                Sarah Emily (1827-)

                Susan (1831-)


1.3.1 Stephen SOLLEY

Birth:       20 May 1838, KEN, Ash 

Death:     11 May 1920, KEN, Ash 

Burial:     11 May 1920, KEN, Ash, St Nicholas 

Occ:         Grocer In 1869,1878 

In loving memory of Stephen Solley son of the late Stephen and Mary Solley of this parish who died 11 May 1920 in his 83rd year. 

from 1871 and 1881 Census 1869 Grocer in Ash; 1878 grocer in Ash; 1871 grocer, baker, miller. 

1881 in Camberwell Surrey - manufacturer of isinglass. 

1874 on Electoral Roll Ash St. 

Left Will and his son Frank was executor. 

Spouse:   Elizabeth Rubie HARDEN 

Birth:       abt 1847, KEN, Ash 

Death:     24 Mar 1930, KEN, Forest Hill 

Marr:       15 May 1866, KEN, Ash, St Nicholas 

Children: Stephen Fletcher (1869-) 

                Marian (1870-) 

                William Arthur (1869-) 

                Thomas (1868-) 

                Harry (1871-) 

                Ethel (1874-) 

                Edith (1875-) 

                Frank (1878-) 

                Mabel (1877-) 

                Sidney William (1875-)


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