The Sole Society, a Family History Society researching Sole, Saul, Sewell, Solley and similar names

SOLLEY Co-ordinator's Report - July 1998

By Bob Solley

Welcome and thanks to a number of new members who have joined and sent valuable information that adds to our knowledge about the spread of the SOLLEY name out of Kent to other areas.

The new members are Hazel Handley (202), Robert Browning (208), MaryAnne de Milliano from California (212), Nina Brown (216), John Solly (217), Lionel Solley (224), Susan Solley (230) and Daryl Solley (236).

Susan Solley has sent detailed charts of her ancestors leading back to Stephen Solley and Elizabeth Chandler who were married in 1810. I am currently entering this data into our Reunion records. She is one of the few correspondents still living in Kent and therefore retaining this link with the past. Coincidentally one grandchild, Thomas Solley, has now been confirmed as the same one who emigrated to the United States and founded the Solley community near Baltimore in Maryland (the subject of my article in the last journal).

Furthermore, we have just received a membership form from Daryl Solley who still lives in Glen Burnie, which is just three miles from Solley! The Solley community has been around since the early 1800s. The SOLLEY, HACKMAN and PUMPHREY families were the original settlers. The community acquired its name when Thomas Solley opened his general store on Rural Route 1 (now Solley Road). The General Store housed the local Post Office that served the peninsular between Marley and Stoney Creeks. I hope we will be able to get some first hand information about his own relatives, so we are sending him our notes about this rapidly enlarging tree.

Maede Entwistle sent an enormous chart that has most of the descendants of Edward and Mary Solly who settled as pioneer farmers in New Zealand. Rita Hohener, who is a librarian at the Family History Centre in Morrinsville, prepared this chart. She only has a tenuous link with the SOLLEY family through her grandmother’s younger sister so we are very appreciative of the work she has put in.

Lionel Solley sent me details of his ancestors who originated in Ramsgate; unfortunately there are a large number of them appearing on the 1881 Census, so more research is needed.

We have also had a number of enquiries through the Internet and they may add to our membership list and knowledge.

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