The Sole Society, a Family History Society researching Sole, Saul, Sewell, Solley and similar names

SOLE Co-ordinator's Report - July 1998

By Maureen Storey

Of the huge pile of paper charts that I inherited from Don steel, only those for Middlesex/London remain to be entered onto the database and hopefully these will be added before the AGM in October.

Most of the London material extends to no more than two generations and even then, there are so many Williams, Johns, etc. that the family links for the early IGI entries are often uncertain. Thanks to the work of Lizzie Love, one of the few families for which we have information covering more than two generations is that of Philip Soal and Ann Savaker who married in St James, Westminster in 1828. Their son, Samuel, served with the Royal Marine Artillery in China in the 1850s. He married Zilpah Applebee at All Souls, St Marylebone in 1862. At some stage, Samuel transferred to the Westmoreland Militia (which became the 4th Border Regiment) and by the time of the 1881 census, he was a quartermaster and was living with Zilpah and their seven children in Carlisle.

Comparison of the SOULE and SAUL entries for Cornwall on the IGI has revealed that several entries listed under SOULE (as the SOWELL variant), particularly those for the parish of Gerrans, also appear under SAUL (as the SAWELL variant). On looking at the Gerrans parish register it has become apparent that for Gerrans at least all these duplicate entries are SAWELLs. Whether this SOWELL/SAWELL confusion extends to other Cornish parishes remains to be seen, but obviously requires further investigation.

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