The Sole Society, researching SOLE, SEWELL, SOLLEY, SAUL and similar names

SOLE Co-ordinator's Report - July 1998

(Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire)

By Bob Sheldon

I thought it might be of interest to list those of our members who are connected through their ancestors with this corner of England, as far as is known, and to briefly describe their researches to date.

Anne Austin lives in Scotland with her husband Samuel Sole Austin. They have been trying to find Samuel’s pedigree and with the recent help of Maureen Storey have traced his line back to his great-grandparents, John and Ann Stacey who were married 1859 in Streatham, Surrey (now part of London) and became a coppersmith. Samuel’s mother and her two brothers were born in Liverpool and his grandparents were married in Liverpool. However, the family understanding was that grandfather was born in London and after some elimination of alternatives he was identified as John William born 1860 in Battersea, Surrey (now part of London) the first of two children produced from the John and Ann marriage. We know that great-grandfather John was the son of James and the search is now on to trace him.

Jennifer Ball lives in Hampshire and can trace her SOLE line back to gt-gt-grandfather Edward and Rose Hannah Drayson who was born c. 1801 in Herne, Kent. A number of lines include Herne connections but Edward was a very common name and it is proving difficult to match them with any degree of certainty. Jennifer tells me that the SOLE name carried on by her uncle William is now in Essex moving from Kent via the East End of London. Everyone on her tree is aware of one another but they have not all yet met. They did have, however, a large celebration at the diamond wedding celebration of her Aunt Victoria and Uncle Ernest in 1993.

Aileen Fisher is also descended from another Edward whom we know married Bennett Bettsworth in Herne, Kent in 1811 and from the 1841 census have calculated he was born c.1791. This Edward is Aileen’s gt-gt-gt-grandfather. They had 10 children, the fourth of which was called Edward and he married Charlotte Holmes (1840) in Herne. Their third (of 11) child was yet another Edward, born 1844 in Herne, who emigrated to Australia and there married Catherine McMorrine. Aileen is a third generation Australian and lives in Queensland.

Sarah Knight is part of our largest Kent line being descended from gt-gt-gt-gt-grandparents Edward and Mercy Chittenden who were married at Monkton in 1792. They were then promptly sent back by the Justices of the Peace to their place of settlement, the adjoining parish of Chislet. Sarah’s line moved initially to Watford when her gt-gt-grandfather Alfred decided to take his wife Sarah Harlow and the five children away from Kent c. 1868. Her great-grandfather John was the first child of Alfred to be born at Watford but he married Margaret Alexander and brought up their 10 children in Fulham, Middlesex (now part of London). Sarah lives with her husband Chris in Middlesex.

Lizzie Love is in the enviable position of probably having the most exhaustive volume of certificates, letters, photos, etc., of her own SOAL ancestors and many others. Over many years, her mother collected and compiled this pile of records. Lizzie is in the process of sorting and cataloguing it all after it sustained some mishaps a few years ago. Lizzie and her husband live in Derbyshire and she is descended from gt-gt-gt-grandfather Edward Soal who was born, we do not yet know where, around 1782. He married Sarah Lloyd in 1824 and they raised their first four children in Boughton, near Faversham, Kent before moving to Gravesend, Kent in 1836. Gt-gt-grandfather William was their first child to be born in Gravesend (1837) and subsequently married (1862) Mary Ann Harknet in Poplar, Middlesex (now part of London) producing 12 children. The third child was Lizzie’s great-grandfather Edward, who became a greengrocer and coal merchant of Lewisham, Kent (now part of London).

John Pimental and his wife Kate live in Massachusetts, USA and found the Society via the Internet. They have done extensive research into Kate’s ancestors who reach back seven generations to Richard and Sarah (nee Boxall) Soal who married (1768) at Harting near Midhurst, Sussex but brought up their 7 children just across the border in Petersfield, Hampshire. Richard and Sarah’s birthplaces have not yet been identified but they are known to have started three main lines through first born Richard and Ann Ayland (1800), second born William and Elizabeth Blackmore (1796) and sixth born George and Elizabeth Pett (1804). Kate is descended from Richard and Ann.

Daphne Sole was born in India but now lives in Kent. She is descended from great-grandfather William born c. 1821 in Faversham, Kent. We have not yet been able to link him with the many Kent lines. William married Catherine Harris nee Wise in 1854 and had two sons, Alfred and Albert and a daughter, Kate. Both sons married the Moon sisters Jane and Eliza, and Albert and Eliza were Daphne’s grandparents.

Sue Sutton is another descendant of gt-gt-gt-gt-grandparents Edward and Mercy Chittenden (see reference against Sarah Knight above). Sue lives in New Zealand with her husband Rod. Sue’s great-grandfather John moved, when only a lad of 15, a few miles to Ramsgate where he subsequently met and married Rebecca Thurstin in 1880 and raised their six children. He became a seaman in the Trinity Lighthouse Service and Ramsgate continued as the family home until Sue emigrated to New Zealand in the 1970s.

Ann Turner is a Canadian living in Ontario. She has traced her SOLE family back to gt-gt-gt-grandparents William and Ann Stubington who were married 1810 in Portsea, Hampshire. William was born around 1780 possibly in Hampshire but this is not yet known for sure. Their firstborn was named William Stubington who married Cecilia Brooks in 1832 and five years later gave birth to George in Minster, Isle of Sheppey, Kent. This was a considerable distance to travel in those days and it would be interesting to learn the reason. William had returned to Portsea by the time of his death in 1896. Great-grandfather George went some 200 miles to Devon to marry Mary Ann Addems in 1872 but they brought up their family back in Portsea.

Bob Sheldon (included only for completing this list) also shares his ancestry with Sarah Knight and Sue Sutton. Bob lives with his wife Ann in Surrey.

I hope I have not omitted anyone from this list or indeed managed to get the facts wrong. If I have on either count, please accept my apologies and send me whatever corrections are required.

My thanks are due to June Harrison (researching the SEWELLs) from Oregon, USA for sending me a cutting from her local newspaper noting the memorial service for Kathleen Anne Soule (nee Greer) who died in April aged 76. She was stated to have been born in Overstoy, England (a place I have not been able to trace) and was the widow of Dorance Soule whom she married in 1946 (presumably in the USA).

Before I conclude, I must mention a recent visit to Joan Soule Verdoom, who lives with her husband Peter in California, and to thank them for making my wife and me most welcome. She has recently joined the Society through finding us on the Internet and is carrying on her father’s extensive researches covering some 30 years. She now has over 8000 connected names in her tree. Joan would like to be able to say for certain that she is descended from George Soule, one of the Pilgrim Fathers who sailed from Plymouth to America in 1620, but so far this eludes her. There is no known ancestry to George, several have been published but each has been disproved. I hope I am safe in saying that, as far as is known, George was not connected with Kent, Sussex, Surrey or Hampshire.

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