Maureen StoreyThe Sole Society, a Family History Society researching Sole, Saul, Sewell, Solley and similar names

SOLE Co-ordinator's Report April 2008

by Maureen Storey  


In this report we welcome three new members: Terry Sole, Robert Stokes and Claire Thompson.

Terry's father Alfred George Sole was born in London in 1907. When he was about 14 he was sent to Canada to join his father, another Alfred Sole, who had already settled in Montreal. Alfred senior ran Sole's Fish Market in the Montreal suburb of Lachine. A family rift left the two Alfreds estranged so Terry grew up knowing very little of his father's family. He contacted the Society hoping that we'd be able to help him start his research into his Sole ancestry.

He has since found his grandfather Alfred senior in the Canadian 1911 census: the entry tells us that Alfred was born in England in December 1885. This makes it likely that Alfred senior was the son of Charles Sole and Mary Jane Bolam, who married in Mile End in 1880. Charles was born in Kelshall, HRT, in 1855 and his line has been traced back to John Sole and Sarah Pratt, who head the Kelshall family.
Robert Stokes is a descendant of Thomas Cooper and Ann Soule, who married in Abenhall, GLS, in 1787. Before joining the society, he had traced the family back to Joseph and Mary Soul, whose six children were baptised in Winchcombe, GLS, between 1727 and 1735. Our database takes the family back a further two generations to George Soule and Jane Hatton, who married in Winchcombe in 1671. Several generations of this family were paper-makers and the family moved from the Winchcombe area to work in paper mills in the Forest of Dean.

Claire Thompson has been researching the family of Hannah Sole, who married Charles Muncey at St Leonard Shoreditch in 1833. According the information given in the censuses, Hannah was born in Clapton, MDX, in 1813, which fits with her being the daughter of William Sole and Dinah Woodland. Claire and I have exchanged information on the family.


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