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SOLLEY Co-ordinator's Report April 2002

By Bob Solly

We are looking for volunteers to transcribe records into spreadsheet packages. Please let me know if you can help.

Lynne Burlingham has recently sent a definitive tree of descendants of Stephen Soley the Elder, which has been very useful in providing comparison with our Generations records (which were assembled from the Ridlon history and input from original family trees.

Lynne has drawn the information from a transcription of the 'Pedigree of the Family of Solly originally of Pedding and afterwards of the Mote in Ash next Sandwich in Kent still the Property of Isaac Solly Esq. of Layton, Essex. 1816' and reflects annotations and additions made by George Christopher Solley (GCS), 1869-1941, to the tree. There are around 500 names in this tree.

As I mentioned in the Chairman’s report we have been the lucky recipients from Linda Steward of transcribed letters an example of which is reproduced below. Sarah Solly, the writer is a descendant of the Stephen Soley mentioned above.

Addressed to Saml. Solly Esqr., Morton Wood House, near Newark, Notts

From Tunbridge Wells, August 29th 1831:

My dear Sister [includes her brother Samuel]

We were most glad to receive your kind and entertaining letter upon our return from our family visits only so vexed we had not left orders for forwarding letters. Yours must have arrived the very day after we left home and we might have been enjoying and written to you again before this. Here we are now in a beautiful Country often talking of you and wishing you were with us and before we set off were half inclined to try your little Inn but we doubted whether you might not yourselves be making use of it as well as be any day on the road to London. My dear Bro & Sis you have indeed your trials as well as your pleasures. I could never fancy with your Thomasine & Mr. & Mrs. Rackett at Spetisbury it could be the sunshine of Lincolnshire that was keeping you there but was always in hopes that you were preparing the way for your freedom and that it wd. come soon. I am almost afraid you do not feel confidence in your present tenant of Morton. And the saucy idea has come across my mind my dear Brother whether you in letting your farms were not like Sister Domvile in the management of her servants, thought she did it better but was always worse off than any body else, yes clever people will make mistakes particularly when the machines they have to manage are human not mechanical. Well I can only wish you had as much enjoyment of life as possible and we the pleasure of more of your society and how glad shall we be to hear of the prospect of meeting any how.

But I must begin my family bulletins. We have been such visitors this summer. First we went to Enfield and what a delightful place we thought it but Sister Mayer was very poorly with an attack on her breath and did not go out. She has been better since indeed been staying in London and at Brighton, or I should rather say Hove, and is there this week with her Son & his family but she requires taking more care of herself than she used. Oh yes Sister Mayer quite approved of her Sons marriage thinking it the best for him & his children in his depressed & uneven spirits which were not improving. The house in the New Steyne was not large enough when Pauls two Sons came home for the holidays so he took a house at Hove but not Hollis, Anne Mayer was staying at Enfield when we were there and a very pretty & pleasant girl she is. Just the height of Lavinia. I never saw Mr. Herman better the having all the business to do by himself quite suits him altho he was often lamenting Paul was not present to do it. I thought but did not say, it is better for you as it is, two Masters would only be teazing one another.

From Enfield we went to Leigton and enjoyed a visit there when we left it Charlotte came off to her brother & sister here who were occupying this very cottage we are now in. Sam & William Solly were absent I suppose you know William has not been well and he has returns of so much headache that a cessation from business was thought necessary and Sea air & bathing useful so he & Saml. set off together in the gig for Brighton, travelled all along the Coast. At Devon crossed over by Clifton to Wales and I suppose are at this time at home again, they were expected this week. Nephew Soame has taken his Wife to her Brother in Dorsetshire we just saw them here on our arrival while we were staying at the Sussex hunting for lodgings. The place was so full we were obliged to wait for Isaac’s departure to get housed & we were very sorry to lose them so soon. Charlotte returned to Leigton just in time for us to see her in town the day before we set off here. We staid a fortnight with the Spains, went with them to the Races & Race Ball at Chelmsford and there was also a large party called a Cricket party at Crix when we were all to have din’d out of doors but a wet morning quite prevented that and we were fearing the pies would have been baked & the Chickens roasted for nothing when at twelve the sky began to clear & a little after two some of the Company began to arrive and before five all that were expected arrived. There was a little cricketing and some of the young Ladies played at the feux des graces but the wind was too high to allow the bows & arrows to be used. After Dinner Sister Shaw played Quadrilles and there was dancing till a little after eleven and all were gone before twelve. I should have told you there were dining tables in the parlour, Hall & breakfast room and near seventy sat down. The Shaws were all well whilst we were there but have been ill since we left them particularly Sister Shaw however I trust they are all well again before this. From Crix we went by Dunmow to Hadham and spent a very pleasant week there with Sister Lister. Sarah then began to be quite an expert archer Maria Lister and she used to play every day. It was quite pleasant to see Sister Lister enjoying herself so much then with all her daughters but she says London for a residence suits her best. None of the sons were down. Daniel has had a Scarlet fever returned ill from some journey and is now performing quarantine at Hampstead. Nathaniel is not yet returned from Paris. We found Brother Thomas in Nottingham place when we arrived from Hadham and we staid whilst we remained in town. I suppose you know that tho’ he is a great deal better he is advised to spend the winter in a warm climate. He came to London to settle his plans but it is not yet settled only that he is to go somewhere & his Daughter Mary with him. The rest of the family remain in England. Sister Anthony has been heard of at Heidleburg where she was to stay ten days. Mr. Domvile left England on Sunday.

Yours affect.

Sarah Solly

In this letter, so many places and people are mentioned that we will be able to add to our family trees

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