Bob SheldonThe Sole Society, a Family History Society researching Sole, Saul, Sewell, Solley and similar names

SOLE Co-ordinator's Report April 2002

(Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire)

By Bob Sheldon  

We have welcomed two new members since my last report. Sue Ede is descended from our Rustington, Sussex family which extends back to 1594 and therefore, as mentioned last time, is cousin to two of our existing members. Sue has kindly transcribed for us her grandfather’s (Captain Charles Leslie Sole) army papers. He was born 1890 at Eastbourne, Sussex but enlisted in 1910 into the Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles and served throughout the first World War both in the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force and the BEF in France, becoming Officer Commanding 103 Labour Company in 1918, but sadly he had to relinquish this appointment very shortly afterwards due to ill health and sailed for home.

Our other new member is Geoff Knott, descended from the Harting, Sussex family. Geoff has sent a copy of his tree for this extensive family line but at the time of writing there are a number of differences between his and our existing versions. No doubt we shall have an interesting time trying to reconcile our information from the various sources available to us. If only we had cheaper access to Civil Registration records!

We recently established a contact which came about through an interesting coincidence. Fred Sole, one of our founders and Vice President, followed up an enquiry in one of the family tree publications for another of his lines, the OVERALLS. The enquirer, Penny Waymark, was surprised to hear from a Fred SOLE as this name appeared on her mother’s side of the family tree back in the late 1800s in Kent.

Fred suggested that she contacted me and we identified her great grandmother Annie Elizabeth Sole who was born in Margate in 1882. I was able to tell her that Annie appears to have had a younger sister and two younger brothers all born in Margate but that so far we have not been able to establish their earlier connections or indeed what happened to them. However, thanks to Penny we now know one of Annie’s descendants

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