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SOLLEY Co-ordinator's Report March 2012

By Bob Solly





There have been a number of enquiries about Soll(e)ys and we have been able to be of some assistance to them.

From Sarah McAlpine
Relating to Isaac Solly

The reason for my enquiry is that I am currently engaged in compiling my son-in-law, Simon James Edward du Boulay Taylor's family tree and his connection to the Solly family is that his 3rd great grandmother, Marianne du Boulay, married Isaac Solly (The Younger) in 1826. She sent me a copy of her information.

I replied to this enquiry from Sarah and pointed out we do have a great deal of information about this family, including ancestors back to 1490. We actually have 14 children in total on our records (a couple died in infancy) and some descendant details. 

For  example:  Isaac Solly -  In 1765 moved to Jeffries Square, London, his uncle, Timothy Hollis's home. He laid the foundation of large mercantile business in the Baltic timber trade. Founded the firm of Isaac Solly & Sons. Died "a rich man" in 1802. The family became zealous protestant dissenters or Presbyterians. 

Sarah replied: Thanks for that not sure I have any other references; I will look but they may have come from previous handwritten lists compiled from Parish records.

All the Ash records came from years of work by the Local society in Ash in the early 1990s we visited the custodian and she had grouped all the Ash families into order. I hand copied many of the records and then assembled them in the program.

I sent detail of our tree (some 515 people) and received a further response from Sarah:
I have now digested the info (the Rev Ridlon) that you so kindly sent me - thank you so much - I have verified quite a few of your dates (London Metropolitan Archives) but by no means all - so I would SO appreciate your list of sources, if it is not too much trouble - you say that the IGI was used, but I can find very few on it. 
Yours is a very interesting family and like so many families they recycle the same names which is very confusing for the (amateur) researcher!! but I am having great fun doing it - and intend for Simon's chart to be ready for next Christmas!

From Scott Allen
Relating to Ann Solly

My grandparents were Frank Allen & Mable Shingleston they lived in Whitstable before coming to Michigan USA where I live.  Her parents were James William Porter Shingleston & Emma Jane Jarrett.  Emma Jane Jarrett was born in Canterbury.  Emma Jane Jarrett's  parents were William John Jarrett and Emma Birch.  Emma Birch was born on Adisham, Kent in 1832. Emma Birch's parents were George Birch & Elizabeth Marley.  Elizabeth Marley was born in 1806 and lived in Adisham. Elizabeth Marley's parents were Mark Marley & Ann Solly.  I believe Ann Solly was born in 1776 in Ash, Kent. 

Is this Ann Solly a Solly that would be included in the research of the Sole Society?  I saw on the Sole Society web site mention of  family trees....  Does the research there include sources such as parish records, wills etc.  I guess, what I am really asking is would it be of value to me to join the Sole Society?  I have been successful in ordering birth and marriage records from the GRO but finding the sources for Parish Registers or Bishop's Transcripts is new to me.

I replied:  The CD (which was prepared some time ago) which we send out, will give details of trees and records from which we have prepared those trees. I do have a record of Ann Solly (born 1776 in Ash, Kent) married Mark Marley 29 May 1794. Although I do not have any details from thereon (which you have kindly provided in summary), we do have ancestors dating back to 1550. These details would, I am sure, be of interest to you.

These were prepared from some Parish records and bishops transcripts (which are kept at Canterbury) but as the research was done about 15 years ago, we went through all the written records to find the information. Some are digitised but it is an ongoing work in progress, so at the moment we are the definitive source of information on Soll(e)y info.

It is now a few years since I last contacted you in reference to a book I was researching for. I am very pleased to write to tell you that this book is now finished and published. It is called Saint-Omer and the British Connection.

I would like to thank you for the help you gave me in regard to Arthur Norbury Solly and it gives me great pleasure to give you an ebook. I am sorry that the front cover does not come with this but you can see the paperback version of the book on

I hope you enjoy the book. The section of direct interest to you appears on pg 161 and pg 208. Here is the extract:

Captain Arthur Norbury Solly and Lt Donald Yalden Hay

Born in 1894 Arthur Norbury Solly was an experienced pilot who at the time of his death on Tuesday 11th August 1917 had been credited with 9 victories. He was the son of Major Ernest Solly and Mary Alice Solly of Strathlea, Harrogate. He attended Rugby School before going on to Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Solly found his way to the RFC via the 19th Battallion Royal Fusiliers Manchester Regiment. On entering the RFC as a Flight Commander he was attached to 20 and 23 Squadrons. His gravestone is shared by his observer Lieutenant Donald Yalden Hay to whom he was a great friend.

Both men died when the wing on their Bristol F 2.B A7108 collapsed and caused the aircraft to crash on take-off from Saint-Omer aerodrome at 10:50am 11 August 1917.

Details kindly supplied by The Sole Society and by Peter van den Heuvel.


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